I started the Salisbury Games Group to connect like-minded people for some strategy board gaming fun!

It seems that board games in the UK are categorised as mindless toys and distractions for young children. In fact, if you would look at the MB range, you would be forgiven for thinking that is all there is!!

There is a whole world of finer, deeper, more serious but hugely enjoyable board and card games out there.

It’s hard to find people to play these deeper strategy games, so I decided to set up this Group to enable a growing group to play together at arranged times.

I intend to make this website the hub of our community, to discuss events, games, strategies and all the other things under the sun.

So, why not join the group today for free, follow us on Facebook and spread the word.

We’ll keep you posted by Personal Message (if you sign up) to let you know when and where the first meeting will be!